The Work Breakdown Structure Course

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is one of the most powerful tools available to a project manager. And yet it’s used incorrectly or not at all by so many practitioners today. This course will change your paradigm in regards to the WBS and it’s use in effective project management.

Course Outline

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Getting Started 37m 49s
Full, stand-alone eBook version of this entire course
9m 44s
Why do I need a WBS anyway? (audio) 7m 21s
What do I need before I start? (audio) 5m 6s
How do I structure my WBS? (audio) 15m 38s
Tools 44m 26s
Excel 2m 33s
Mind Manager 6m 29s
MindMeister 6m 25s
Mindomo 10m 45s
Post-it Method 4m 30s
Visio 9m 47s
3m 57s
Implementation 41m 13s
How do I actually create my WBS? (audio) 11m 24s
WBS Checklist
How do I use my WBS? (audio) 6m 16s
14m 53s
Example Project (When the WBS Graphic Becomes Too Big!) 8m 40s
Q&A Sessions and Interviews 2h 3m 55s
Q & A (Terminology and Sequencing) 3m 51s
6m 31s
Q & A (Using MS Project to create your WBS?) 8m 48s
Interview – General Work Breakdown Structure 28m 39s
Interview – Structure 29m 15s
Interview – More WBS Tips 46m 51s
Certificate of Completion
4 Hours plus 2 hours assigned study = 6 Category B PDUs 4h 7m 23s

Student Feedback

I ask for feedback on every course so I may continually improve my training offerings and gauge student satisfaction. Here are some examples from this specific course.

Hi Josh…I finished going through the WBS course today. Started yesterday and continued today. I am quite impressed. One of the clearest explanations of a WBS, how to create one, tools to use, etc. that I’ve read, watched or heard to date. Very well done. Will certainly revisit the ebook as needed. Thank you!

Thank you Josh for this course. It was really helpful to me. Especially when you can relate WBS theories out of your real life experiences, it makes it much more valuable.

Hi Josh, This course was extremely informative. I like your matter of fact narrative and also the helpful stand alone eBook for future reference. Great course on WBS Structure!

Price: $ 37
6 hours/PDUs