The Project Scheduling Course

This course explains universal scheduling concepts, followed by specific discussion and examples of waterfall, lean/kanban, agile/scrum, and critical chain project scheduling.


Objectives 3m 44s
3m 44s
Universal Concepts 45m 47s
Universal Scheduling Concepts 10m 24s
9m 37s
Scheduling Prerequisites and Crashing 11m 30s
Common Scheduling Mistakes 14m 16s
Waterfall Project Scheduling 1h 19m 14s
Waterfall Scheduling Concepts 17m 51s
Waterfall Scheduling Example using MS Project 24m 32s
4m 23s
32m 28s
Lean/Kanban Project Scheduling 1h 3m 43s
10m 1s
Physical Kanban Scheduling Example 16m 31s
Online Kanban Scheduling Example 15m 40s
Kanban Flow, Prediction, Status, and Schedule Change 21m 31s
Agile Scrum Project Scheduling 30m 36s
Agile Scrum Scheduling 13m 58s
Agile Scrum Scheduling (Continued) 16m 38s
Critical Chain Project Scheduling 25m 20s
25m 20s
Certificate of Completion  
4 Category B PDUs 4h 4m 40s
Price: $ 47
4 hours/PDUs