The Project Risk Management Course

Risk Header imageEverything in life has some risk, and what you have to actually learn to do is how to navigate It.” – Reid Hoffman

No project is without risks. It is all in how you handle those risks. And the place to start is at the very beginning. The minute that a project idea is discussed is when you and your team should start thinking, “What could happen?” You are not shooting down an idea, you are thinking strategically. In fact, you are helping to ensure the success of this new project. The better prepared that you can be, the more likely you are to be able to navigate those unknown and unplanned events. Yes, you can prepare for the unknown.

The best place for you to start with risk management is also at the beginning. And the pmStudent project risk management course is the perfect way for you to get comfortable with project risk management. If you are new with project risk management, or a new project manager or if you would like to bring risk management best practices to your organization, start with this course. You will immediately begin to add more effective risk management to your projects.

You will walk through all of the risk management basics, from planning to execution. Don’t worry about the risks on your project, take this course and you will manage the risks, not the other way around.

With pmStudent online risk management training, you learn on your schedule, at your own pace. Everything is ready and waiting for you. Just jump in and become skilled at project risk management.

Curious? Check out the course contents below and see those items, where the text is bolded?

Those are sample lessons from the course, you can click on them and check them out right now.

Welcome to Class 02m 10s
The Risk Management Mindset 35m 22s
What is Risk? 7m 38s
What is the Risk Management Mindset? 12m 44s
03m 59s
Formal vs. Informal Risk Identification 04m 51s
Risks: A Simple Approach 06m 10s
The Risk Management Plan 12m 50s
02m 24s
What goes into the Risk Management Plan? 03m 43s
Your Risk Management Plan has a purpose 04m 57s
Risk Identification 34m 51s
About Risk Identification 01m 33s
Risk Identification is Iterative 03m 50s
Risk Identification Techniques Part 1 12m 14s
Risk Identification Techniques Part 2 10m 32s
The Five Whys 04m 04s
Risks go into the Risk Register 02m 38s
Risk Analysis 30m 40s
Introduction to Risk Analysis 02m 09s
Qualitative Risk Analysis 04m 34s
03m 52s
Quantitative Risk Analysis 09m 53s
Quantitative Risk Analysis: A Little Bit More 10m 12s
Risk Responses 19m 17s
Intro to Risk Responses 04m 48s
Responding to Risks 06m 15s
More on Risk Responses 08m 14s
Risk Control
Control Your Risks 05m 23s
Five Whys Template
Simple Risk Template
Simple Risk Template v2
Simple Risk Template v3
PDU Certificate
2 Category B PDUs 2h 20m 33s
Price: $ 37
2 hours/PDUs


I have been helping students with their PMP exam prep since 2005 and nearly all of them struggle with risk management. I’ve also published nearly 400 podcast interviews and my listeners always ask about risk management. This course simplifies the complex risk management processes and makes it approachable for anyone, which is why I recommend it. And the templates are the cherry on top.
Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM
PMP Trainer and Host of The PM Podcast