The Project Requirements Course

This course introduces core concepts for project requirements. Following that, lessons are given on requirements elicitation, modeling, specification, verification, and validation.


Introduction 44m 58s
7m 39s
FURPS 15m 43s
Rational Unified Process and Other Approaches 12m 15s
Requirements Process 9m 19s
Requirements Elicitation & Modeling 1h 0m 4s
Eliciting Requirements – Stakeholder Identification 9m 21s
Eliciting Requirements – Stakeholder Interviews 10m 40s
11m 37s
Modeling Requirements – Use Case Example Part 1 8m 46s
Modeling Requirements – Use Case Example Part 2 9m 18s
Modeling Requirements – Use Case Example Part 3 10m 19s
Requirements Specification 1h 5m 35s
11m 10s
Good Requirements Specification (Continued) 11m 09s
Bad Requirements Specification 10m 20s
Bad Requirements Specification (Continued) 11m 13s
Requirements Management 9m 51s
Requirements Specification Example 12m 0s
Requirements Verification & Validation 5m 23s
5m 23s
Certificate of Completion  
3 Hours = 3 Category B PDUs 2h 56m 02s
Price: $ 37
3 hours/PDUs