The Project Overview Course

New project managers will come away from this course with the ability to start managing projects. Experienced project managers will come away with a new perspective and set of strategies and tools to manage their project more effectively.

Course Outline

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Initiation 1h 13m 28s
Business Case Part 1 16m 51s
Business Case Part 2 13m 56s
Project Plan Part 1 18m 16s
10m 33s
Project Plan Part 3 13m 25s
Planning 1h 22m 5s
27m 8s
Work Breakdown Structure Q&A 18m 37s
Schedule 13m 46s
Cost 5m 46s
Contingency Planning & Establishing a Baseline 16m 36s
Execution, Monitoring and Controlling 2h 57m 53s
Managing Resources 9m 7s
Managing Resources Q&A Part 1 19m 11s
Managing Resources Q&A Part 2 9m 7s
20m 55s
One-on-Ones 6m 35s
Project Team Meetings 3m 26s
Motivation 8m 52s
Motivation Webinar with Bas De Baar 19m 11s
Acquisition & Conflict Management 23m 17s
Leadership 8m 17s
Risk Management 23m 45s
Configuration and Quality Management 14m 35s
3m 21s
Status Reporting 16m 39s
Closing and Bonus Materials 1h 50m 10s
Project Closure 6m 57s
1 h 43m 10s
Certificate of Completion
7.25 Category B PDUs 7h 23m 37s

Student Feedback

I ask for feedback on every course so I may continually improve my training offerings and gauge student satisfaction. Here are some examples from this specific course.

I found this course very helpful in revising my project management concepts per PMP standards. While working as project manager on number of different projects, sometimes we adopt methodology thinking that is more practical but eventually we realize that following PMP methods help in long term. This course helped me analyzing my current work in rational manner. Thank You.

I loved it. Although I was doing all of these things with some tweaks, it was refreshing for my thoughts and my style. Some of the places I thought I need to adjust my working style or did not agree but that’s ok as no one has same management style. We need to agree on Management Principles but implementation may differ.

Very well thought out. Solid recommendations.

Excellent course Josh! It was a great refresher – it’s been almost 3 years since I passed the PMP exam. I’m currently a release manager so it’s easy to forget some of this. I enjoyed the format and the way you related everything to real life experiences. Thanks for the template ideas as well!

This course was not only a great refresher on many of the topics we learned in preparation for becoming a PMP, but also contained numerous new insights throughout the course. Josh provided relevant real-life examples to illustrate his points and did an excellent job of organizing the course into modules that packed a lot of key points into just the right amount of time in each module. Fantastic course.

It was a good overview of project management. Visuals were good – provided reference to where we were in the course. The sound was generally good – some variation, but easily adjusted for. Seems like your experience is in either aerospace or defense contracts – just an observation. Mostly software, I’m guessing. I’m in high tech, so I can relate.

Josh, Thanks so much for this course! I recently took over a PMO which also has the IT Project Managers reporting into it. I am trying to get them to focus more on the planning aspect of the project, and the WBS will be a helpful way of getting them to do so. Also, I am trying to get them to do a better job at managing and reporting on the project budget. The monthly budget template is very helpful for laying out the monthly costs of the entire project, and reporting in graphical format to Sr. Management. I tried looking for that exact template on but couldn’t get to the site. Would love a soft copy if you could send. I hope to take more of your courses and passed your site along to my PM’s!

Clear Layout and design to let me know the whole process / area clearly. Also, there is some real example to make me learn more

Hello Josh, Just finished your Project Management Overview course last night. I think it’s a great refresher course for PMP’s, and I love (and took full advantage of) short lessons format. It made me look back at my experience on recent projects and learn few points. I found your lessons are reach on practical advise and examples how to handle most difficult PM areas, for example Manage Human Resources. I will definitely check back for more complete course on this subject and some others. Best regards, Lev


This is actually very resourceful and interesting especially the question and answer time really drive home the topics with real life scenarios.

Hi Josh, You asked for feedback, so here’s some feedback. 🙂 I took your Project Overview course and found it to be truly excellent. Why> Because you apply PM principals to real world scenario’s. As opposed to focusing mostly on the theoretical tools and techniques. Which are completely valid of course, in black and white, but not always so easy to apply in the colorful world we live and work in. I expecially like what you have shared about interpersonal techniques. Really good stuff. Absolutely worth the time (and money of course) invested in attending. I look forward to continuing with your other offerings as well. All the best, sincerely, James


Hello Josh, I totally enjoy contents of this course. I like that your are sharing your valuable practical experiences, not too heavy on the theory.

Thoroughly enjoyed the class. The layout and design worked well with the course. Even though I am a working Project Manager and a PMP, it was well worthwhile to review this material since Project Management methodology varies from company to company. Additionally, it is all very relevant int he real world of project management! Thank you.

great course-easy to follow.

Price: $ 77
7.25 hours/PDUs