The Project Management Plan Course

What is a Project Management Plan, really? What’s it good for? And if it’s such a good thing to do how can it be done effectively?

Get ready for a whirlwind of in-depth concepts and practical how-to demonstration you can put into practice immediately for successful project management!

Course Outline

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Concepts 1h 13m 24s
4m 23s
Config, Quality, Documentation, Scope, Schedule, Cost Management 18m 04s
HR, Communication, Risk, Procurements Management 10m 21s
Examples 10m 29s
Needs Assessment – Communications, Documentation, Schedule Management 13m 40s
Needs Assessment – Scope, Cost, Risk Management 7m 59s
Needs Assessment – HR, Config and Quality Management 8m 25s
Creating a Project Management Plan From Scratch 5h 19m 59s
Purpose, Configuration and Quality Management 16m 09s
Scope Management 21m 26s
Schedule Management 34m 48s
Cost Management 17m 13s
12m 47s
Cost Management Continued (EVM Focus) 16m 21s
Tool Time! Microsoft Word Formatting Tips & Tricks 17m 47s
Human Resources 19m 30s
Tool Time! Microsoft Word Cross-Referencing 3m 16s
Human Resources Continued (Labor Categories, Staff Transitions, Performance) 14m 24s
Human Resources Continued (Training Practices and Artifacts) 8m 32s
4m 06s
Human Resources Continued (Sample RACI) 21m 39s
Communication Management (Approach) 17m 58s
Communication Management Continued (Standing Meetings) 18m 21s
Communication Management Continued (Adhoc Meetings, Status Reporting) 10m 12s
Risk Management 11m 00s
Risk Management 12m 36s
5m 58s
Risk Management (Strategies and Triggers) 15m 16s
Risk Management (Risk Management Board) 8m 2s
Procurement Management & Final Formatting 12m 25s
Certificate of Completion PM Plan Demo Files [.doc] / [.docx]
6.5 Category B PDUs 6h 33m 23s

Student Feedback

I ask for feedback on every course so I may continually improve my training offerings and gauge student satisfaction. Here are some examples from this specific course.
It’s Xmind that I use for Mind Mapping Software
I replied to point out the links to download the full completed file that I created live during the course, and used this feedback to make the download links easier to see for students.

Hi Josh – I’ve started going through your course and very impressed so far. It reinforces some of the things I’ve done so far and helps me to understand other things in a new light. I’ll provide more feedback as I push forward. Thanks. PS – what is the application you use for your diagrams that look like “mind maps”? They have the nodes but also have a text that when you click on it opens up with more details. Thanks.

I like the course it was a great refresher and learning experience…I can definitely update my project plans to include some of the information provided…it would have been nice though to have a copy of the template that was created…I like having different template information on hand

Thanks Josh – I found the course to be easy to follow, enlightening and I certainly got my money’s worth. Thanks for the PDUs. I need three to be recertifier.

Price: $ 67
6.5 hours/PDUs