The Project Estimation Course

This course explains exactly what a Basis of Estimates(BOE) is, important project estimation concepts including task decomposition, and estimation techniques including planning poker and storyboarding. A Basis of Estimates is then created before your eyes and explained along with an example of an Agile Basis of Estimates.


Introduction 25m 16s
10m 5s
BOE Considerations 15m 11s
Task Decomposition 23m 27s
8m 9s
Task Decomposition with Xmind 15m 38s
Project Estimation Techniques 1h 45m 26s
18m 25s
Estimation Techniques That Work 14m 31s
Probability Distributions – Part 1 9m 14s
Probability Distributions – Part 2 11m 11s
Estimation Techniques That Work – Continued 13m 52s
Estimation Assumptions and Resources 12m 49s
Planning Poker 15m 44s
Story Boarding 9m 40s
Project Estimation Examples 47m 14s
Excel Basis of Estimate Demo – Part 1 10m 14s
Excel Basis of Estimate Demo – Part 2 16m 58s
7m 28s
Basis of Estimate for an Agile Project 12m 34s
Certificate of Completion  
3.25 Category B PDUs 3h 21m 43s
Price: $ 37
3.25 hours/PDUs