What if you had access to years of project management experience?

What if you had the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about how to really apply project management? You do!

Project Management Mini-Lessons is a set of TEN eBooks that give you down-to-earth clear and reasonable explanations on difficult topics such as earned value and the network diagram AND also provides you with real life examples of how you can create accurate estimates. Using true stories and examples you will see the value of change control, and how to work with your stakeholders, and the best way to give status to your executive team.

You can easily read each eBook within one hour. And that means you are one hour away from upping your project management game.

Since 2006 pmStudent Community Leader Margaret Meloni has been creating project managers who master both the art and since of project management. This TEN book set of quick tips is based on some of the most common questions she receives from her students, and will help you boost your confidence and define your strategy.

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1) Quick Tips for Understanding Earned Value

So many people are so uncomfortable with earned value. There is no reason for you to be one of them. When someone explains it to you in the right way, it all becomes clear. And that allows you to make better decisions about how and when your organization can employ earned value.

2) Quick Tips on How to Use your WBS for Teambuilding

You already know that creating a work breakdown structure is an important project management best practice. It definitely helps you understand your scope and create more accurate estimates.In this quick tip guide you will also learn how the WBS helps you with the people side of project management.

3) Quick Tips for Identifying your Project Resource Needs

You understand that you are supposed to know what resources you need to run your project. And you know that those resources are people, or equipment, or money, or materials or locations. But how do you know what you need? Relax, these quick tips will help you sort things out.

4) Quick Tips for Setting the Stage for Productive Conflict

If everyone on your project agrees with each other all of the time, you must be working with robot zombies. If you work with human beings like the rest of, there will be conflict. And you will make the conflict beneficial to all. You will use it to strengthen your team and their professional relationships.

5) Quick Tips on Using Change Control Successfully

Our community leader Margaret Meloni learned early on that a lack of change control was NOT a good thing. Feel her pain as she tells her story, and know that you never have to have the same challenging experience.

6) Quick Tips on How to Report Status to Executives

Some people get nervous, some people just do not prepare, and others tell their executives exactly what they want to hear. These are not success strategies. . Use your time in front of your executives to impress them with your skills.Use these quick tips so that you get it right.

7) Quick Tips on the Project Management Processes

There is a method to the madness behind the way in which A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge® presents processes and bodies of knowledge for us to consider in order to run our projects. At first, this information can be overwhelming. But, there is a specific way that the bodies of knowledge and the processes are mapped. And when that system becomes clear to you, it is so much easier to harness the power of the best practices for your project success.

8) Quick Tips on How to Avoid Estimating Pitfalls

Ugh. Another estimate that was wrong. Followed by that uncomfortable feeling that it did not have to be this way. Creating accurate estimates is a critical skill. Your organization makes decisions about how to use resources based on your project estimates. Don't fall prey to the same mistakes that so many others have made. Use these tips to navigate around estimating tricks and traps.

9) Quick Tips on Stakeholder Management

A tale of stakeholder intrigue. Ok, maybe it's not that dramatic. But this short story on successful stakeholder management proves that yes, different people, with different ideas can get along. And not just because you are lucky, because you employ good stakeholder management.

10) Quick Tips for Understanding the Network Diagram

What is going on behind the scenes in your scheduling software? What tiny elf create this report with this crazy end date? YOU did it. And when you learn about the network diagram you will understand how your schedule dates are calculated. It's better to know what drives your schedule, then to make hopeful guesses, and promises that you cannot keep.

And #11 receive a special bonus

Project Inspiration

A special book full of quotes and thoughts for you and your teams to help you commiserate, motivate and celebrate. Written for you by Margaret Meloni, pmStudent Community Leader because she has walked a mile in your shoes.

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