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Companies Are Only Looking for a Certain Type of Project Manager… And Must Have Executives with Advanced-Level Project Management Skills

I’m Margaret Meloni, President of pmStudent, an organization I maintain to help project managers gain the highest level of “real world” education in this exciting field.

You’ll discover more about pmStudent in a minute but let me tell you something VITALLY important …

In speaking with hundreds of professionals who hire project managers, I hear the same thing over and over …

“We really need project managers but they must have a high level of competency … PLUS they must have real-world skills.”

The people who make hiring decisions in this field DO NOT always want project managers with a degree in project management. The reason is simple. A degree is an academic qualification. You rarely, if ever, get the actual “in the trenches” skills you must have to manage projects at an “elite” level.

In fact…

Hiring Managers Are Happy to Hire Project Managers Who Are New to this Profession…
Here’s Why…

Yes – this may surprise you. But it’s true. The people who hire project managers value …

  • Real world experience
  • “Elite Level” project management skills


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So if you have experience in a different field, that’s extremely valuable because you’ve been in the “real world” of business. In fact, your work probably included some type of project management.

Combine your experience with those “elite” level project management skills and you can become a highly paid project manager. You can earn a well paid salary. Or you can earn thousands in fees on a contract basis.

And if you’re a manager or executive, project management skills make you more of an asset.

Taking a project from concept to completion is a highly valuable – and highly marketable – skill. In every company, the successful execution of projects IS vital to profits.

But again … to manage these multi-million dollar projects you must have top-level skills.

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Gain “Elite” Level Project Management Skills

So I’m sure you’re asking, “how can I gain the highest level of
project management skills?”

The answer … right here.

You see, in 2006, pmStudent was created to help project managers refine their skills. Interestingly, people who wanted to become project managers started taking our courses. So we organized the training to help experienced and “newbie” project managers.

pmStudent is NOT a university or college.


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Our mission is to provide project management training and help project managers find employment. Our goals are to help…

  • Understand the opportunities in this rapidly-growing field
  • Learn the foundation of essential project management practices
    and skills
  • Earn the industry-recognized certifications like the Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Find employment through our network of hiring managers and HR executives.
  • Become a sought-after project manager or executive.

Our courses are available online. So there’s no travel. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer and you’re enrolled in pmStudent … and on your way to becoming an “elite level” project manager.

Become a Fully-Qualified Project Manager… With These Courses

At pmStudent, our pmStudent Unlimited program gives you 10 project management courses … for a total of 37 hours of training. We created the courses for experienced – and new – project managers.

If you purchased each of these courses individually it would cost you $403! With the pmStudent Unlimited program you pay only $276!

(Because I want you to become the BEST project manager that YOU can be.)

New project managers will come away from this course with the ability to start managing projects. Experienced project managers will come away with a new perspective and set of strategies and tools to manage their project more effectively.

Initiation 1h 13m 28s
Business Case Part 1 16m 51s
Business Case Part 2 13m 56s
Project Plan Part 1 18m 16s
10m 33s
Project Plan Part 3 13m 25s
Planning 1h 22m 5s
27m 8s
Work Breakdown Structure Q&A 18m 37s
Schedule 13m 46s
Cost 5m 46s
Contingency Planning & Establishing a Baseline 16m 36s
Execution, Monitoring, and Controlling 2h 57m 53s
Managing Resources 9m 7s
Managing Resources Q&A Part 1 8m 1s
Managing Resources Q&A Part 2 9m 7s
20m 55s
One-on-Ones 6m 35s
Project Team Meetings 3m 26s
Motivation 8m 52s
Motivation Webinar with Bas De Baar 23m 17s
Acquisition & Conflict Management 8m 17s
Leadership 23m 45s
Risk Management 14m 35s
Configuration and Quality Management 14m 35s
3m 21s
Status Reporting 16m 39s
Closing and Bonus Materials 1h 50m 10s
Project Closure 27m 8s
18m 37s
Certification of Completion 13m 46s
7.25 Category B PDUs 7h 23m 37s


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100% money back guarantee.

In this course, we teach you how to pursue you career in project management. The course includes lessons and worksheets to help you leverage your strengths, clearly define your career goals, and plot your career path. We show you how to build and maintain a strong professional network and target organizations where you can contribute. We also describe the “nitty-gritty” details of job seeking and how to land your ideal job or project.

Introduction 35m 51s
9m 54s
Josh’s Story 12m 27s
Josh’s Story (Continued) 13m 29s
Starting Point & Goals 54m 21s
What Is Your Starting Point? 14m 55s
What Is Your Starting Point? (Continued) 12m 2s
What Are Your Career Goals? 13m 35s
13m 48s
Education & Certifications 1h 43m 51s
Education 12m 11s
Certification Overview 10m 42s
12m 46s
30m 30s
37m 41s
Gaining Experience and Career Planning 34m 54s
6m 44s
Gaining Experience Case Study 5m 8s
Gaining Experience (Continued) 13m 43s
Plan Your Career 9m 17s
27m 28s
Interview with Cornelius Fichtner (Continued) 35m 41s
Professional Relationships 53 17s
Professional Organizations and Networking 23m 34s
Online Networking 9m 15s
Offline Networking 8m 49s
11m 38s
Job Seeking 2h 42m 44s
Researching Organizations 16m 28s
10m 23s
Resume Writing Process 13m 12s
Resume Considerations 10m 53s
The Truthful Resume 14m 12s
Cover Letters 14m 45s
17m 41s
References 10m 57s
Interview Preparation 14m 5s
Interview Techniques 16m 40s
Interview Questions 16m 48s
Handling Offers 6m 33s
50m 54s
Course not applicable for PDU Credit from the PMI. 9h 19m 3s


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100% money back guarantee.

In The Project Charter course, we explain the purpose and elements of a good project charter. We provide examples and then help you create a project charter from scratch. Two revisions of project charters are reviewed and critiqued in front of your eyes. Finally Max Walker joins me for a discussion about managing small projects and the project charter.

The Purpose of the Project Charter 15m 26s
5m 32s
The Purpose of the Project Charter (continued) 6m 37s
The Purpose of the Project Charter (continued) 3m 26s
Elements of the Project Charter and Change Management 18m 52s
6m 27s
Elements of the Project Charter (continued) 5m 59s
Project Charter Change Management 6m 26s
Project Charter Examples 38m 33s
Exploring Examples of Project Charters 10m 10s
16m 34s
Exploring Examples of Project Charters (continued) 11m 49s
Creating a Project Charter From Scratch 34m 47s
Creating a Project Charter Template From Scratch 9m 41s
Creating a Project Charter Template From Scratch (continued) 15m 40s
37m 35s
Project Charter – Interview with Max Walker (mp3 download)
Certificate of Completion
4 Category B PDUs 3h 41m 13s


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100% money back guarantee.

What is a Project Management Plan? What’s it good for? And if it’s such a good thing, how can it be done effectively?
Get ready for a whirlwind of in-depth concepts and practical how-to demonstration you can put into practice immediately for successful project management.

Concepts 1h 13m 24s
4m 23s
Config, Quality, Documentation, Scope, Schedule, Cost Management 18m 04s
HR, Communication, Risk, Procurements Management 10m 21s
Examples 10m 29s
Needs Assessment – Communications, Documentation, Schedule Management 13m 40s
7m 59s
Needs Assessment – HR, Config and Quality Management 8m 25s
Creating a Project Management Plan From Scratch 5h 19m 59s
Purpose, Configuration and Quality Management 16m 09s
Scope Management 21m 26s
Schedule Management 34m 48s
Cost Management 17m 13s
12m 47s
Cost Management Continued (EVM Focus) 16m 21s
Tool Time! Microsoft Word Formatting Tips & Tricks 17m 47s
Human Resources 19m 30s
Tool Time! Microsoft Word Cross-Referencing 3m 16s
Human Resources Continued (Labor Categories, Staff Transitions, Performance) 14m 24s
Human Resources Continued (Training Practices and Artifacts) 8m 32s
4m 06s
Human Resources Continued (Sample RACI) 21m 39s
Communication Management (Approach) 17m 58s
Communication Management Continued (Standing Meetings) 18m 21s
Communication Management Continued (Adhoc Meetings, Status Reporting) 10m 12s
Risk Management 11m 00s
Risk Management 12m 36s
5m 58s
Risk Management (Strategies and Triggers) 15m 16s
Risk Management (Risk Management Board) 8m 2s
Procurement Management & Final Formatting 12m 25s
Certificate of Completion PM Plan Demo Files [.doc] / [.docx]
6.5 Category B PDUs 6h 33m 23s


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100% money back guarantee.

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is one of the most powerful tools available to a project manager. And yet it’s used incorrectly or not at all by so many practitioners today. This course will show you how to use WBS and how it’s used in effective project management.

Getting Started 37m 49s
Full, stand-alone eBook version of this entire course
9m 44s
Why do I need a WBS anyway? (audio) 7m 21s
What do I need before I start? (audio) 5m 6s
How do I structure my WBS? (audio) 15m 38s
Tools 44m 26s
Excel 2m 33s
Mind Manager 6m 29s
MindMeister 6m 25s
Mindomo 10m 45s
Post-it Method 4m 30s
Visio 9m 47s
3m 57s
Implementation 41m 13s
How do I actually create my WBS? (audio) 11m 24s
WBS Checklist
How do I use my WBS? (audio) 6m 16s
14m 53s
Example Project (When the WBS Graphic Becomes Too Big!) 8m 40s
Q&A Sessions and Interviews 2h 3m 55s
Q & A (Terminology and Sequencing) 3m 51s
6m 31s
Q & A (Using MS Project to create your WBS?) 8m 48s
Interview – General Work Breakdown Structure 28m 39s
Interview – Structure 29m 15s
Interview – More WBS Tips 46m 51s
Certificate of Completion
4 Hours plus 2 hours assigned study = 6 Category B PDUs 4h 7m 23s


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100% money back guarantee.


The Project Risk Management Course is the perfect way for you to get comfortable with project risk management. If you are new with project risk management, or a new project manager or if you would like to bring risk management best practices to your organization, start with this course. You will immediately begin to add more effective risk management to your projects.

Welcome to Class 02m 10s
The Risk Management Mindset 35m 22s
What is Risk? 7m 38s
What is the Risk Management Mindset? 12m 44s
03m 59s
Formal vs. Informal Risk Identification 04m 51s
Risks: A Simple Approach 06m 10s
The Risk Management Plan 12m 50s
02m 24s
What goes into the Risk Management Plan? 03m 43s
Your Risk Management Plan has a purpose 04m 57s
Risk Identification 34m 51s
About Risk Identification 01m 33s
Risk Identification is Iterative 03m 50s
Risk Identification Techniques Part 1 12m 14s
Risk Identification Techniques Part 2 10m 32s
The Five Whys 04m 04s
Risks go into the Risk Register 02m 38s
Risk Analysis 30m 40s
Introduction to Risk Analysis 02m 09s
Qualitative Risk Analysis 04m 34s
03m 52s
Quantitative Risk Analysis 09m 53s
Quantitative Risk Analysis: A Little Bit More 10m 12s
Risk Responses 19m 17s
Intro to Risk Responses 04m 48s
Responding to Risks 06m 15s
More on Risk Responses 08m 14s
Risk Control
Control Your Risks 05m 23s
Five Whys Template
Simple Risk Template
Simple Risk Template v2
Simple Risk Template v3
PDU Certificate
2 Category B PDUs 2h 20m 33s


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100% money back guarantee.

In this course, we introduce the core concepts for project requirements. We detail requirements elicitation, modeling, specification, verification, and validation.

Introduction44m 58s

7m 39sFURPS15m 43sRational Unified Process and Other Approaches12m 15sRequirements Process9m 19sRequirements Elicitation & Modeling1h 0m 4sEliciting Requirements – Stakeholder Identification9m 21sEliciting Requirements – Stakeholder Interviews10m 40s 11m 37sModeling Requirements – Use Case Example Part 18m 46sModeling Requirements – Use Case Example Part 29m 18sModeling Requirements – Use Case Example Part 310m 19sRequirements Specification1h 5m 35s 11m 10sGood Requirements Specification (Continued)11m 09sBad Requirements Specification10m 20sBad Requirements Specification (Continued)11m 13sRequirements Management9m 51sRequirements Specification Example12m 0sRequirements Verification & Validation5m 23s 5m 23sCertificate of Completion 3 Hours = 3 Category B PDUs2h 56m 02s

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100% money back guarantee.

In this course, we explain the Basis of Estimates (BOE) – important project estimation concepts including task decomposition, plus estimation techniques including planning poker and storyboarding. A Basis of Estimates is then created before your eyes and explained along with an example of an Agile Basis of Estimates.

Introduction 25m 16s
10m 5s
BOE Considerations 15m 11s
Task Decomposition 23m 27s
8m 9s
Task Decomposition with Xmind 15m 38s
Project Estimation Techniques 1h 45m 26s
18m 25s
Estimation Techniques That Work 14m 31s
Probability Distributions – Part 1 9m 14s
Probability Distributions – Part 2 11m 11s
Estimation Techniques That Work – Continued 13m 52s
Estimation Assumptions and Resources 12m 49s
Planning Poker 15m 44s
Story Boarding 9m 40s
Project Estimation Examples 47m 14s
Excel Basis of Estimate Demo – Part 1 10m 14s
Excel Basis of Estimate Demo – Part 2 16m 58s
7m 28s
Basis of Estimate for an Agile Project 12m 34s
Certificate of Completion
3.25 Category B PDUs 3h 21m 43s


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100% money back guarantee.

In this course, we explain universal scheduling concepts, followed by specific discussion and examples of waterfall, lean/Kanban, agile/scrum, and critical chain project scheduling.

Objectives 3m 44s
3m 44s
Universal Concepts 45m 47s
Universal Scheduling Concepts 10m 24s
9m 37s
Scheduling Prerequisites and Crashing 11m 30s
Common Scheduling Mistakes 14m 16s
Waterfall Project Scheduling 1h 19m 14s
Waterfall Scheduling Concepts 17m 51s
Waterfall Scheduling Example using MS Project 24m 32s
4m 23s
32m 28s
Lean/Kanban Project Scheduling 1h 3m 43s
10m 1s
Physical Kanban Scheduling Example 16m 31s
Online Kanban Scheduling Example 15m 40s
Kanban Flow, Prediction, Status, and Schedule Change 21m 31s
Agile Scrum Project Scheduling 30m 36s
Agile Scrum Scheduling 13m 58s
Agile Scrum Scheduling (Continued) 16m 38s
Critical Chain Project Scheduling 25m 20s
25m 20s
Certificate of Completion
4 Category B PDUs 4h 4m 40s


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100% money back guarantee.

Kanban is a method for developing products with an emphasis on just-in-time delivery … while not overloading the developers. It emphasizes that developers pull work from a queue. It also details the process, from definition of a task to its delivery to the customer.
In this presentation, Josh shows you exactly why Kanban is so powerful. Then you will witness Kanban in action and come away with a deep understanding of the process and how to implement it on your own project teams immediately. You also get a glimpse inside Cornelius’ fantastic PDU Podcast.

Lean Project Management 101 with Kanban 1h 34m 36s
Core Lean/Kanban Concepts 28m 1s
Lean/Kanban Benefits and Examples 31m 47s
Lean/Kanban Benefits and Examples (Continued) 34m 48s
Certificate of Completion
1 Category B PDU 1h 34m 36s


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100% money back guarantee.


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pmStudent delivers these courses to you online. If you’re an experienced project manager, you gain a new perspective and discover the latest techniques. If you’re new to project management, you will be ready to manage a project and secure a job or project work.

12 Reasons Project Manager Students Choose pmStudent

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37 Hours/PDUs


This is an AMAZING value at $276
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