Lesson 4: Build Your Networks

You are not going to be successful by yourself. Yes, you can advance. But in the game of politics, you work with others. Listen to this six-minute discussion on how to strategically create a network for your success.

Before you continue to the next section:

Whether you know it or not, you do have a network. It takes time and energy to cultivate your network. Review the people with whom you have positive professional relationships:

  • What network do you think they belong to for you – operational. strategic, or developmental?
  • What network do you think you belong to for them – operational, strategic, or developmental?
  • Would they recognize that you are part of each other’s networks?
  • What can you do to solidify and strengthen this relationship?

Review your operational, strategic, and developmental networks:

  • Which networks could use some more members?
  • Who should you add?
  • How will you develop your relationship?
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