Quick Project Management

What you need to know to get up and running as a project manager.

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Congratulations! You have been asked to manage projects for your organization.
Now, if only you had some experience or access to some help.

Bring the experience you have and combine it with the three lessons in this Quick Project Management course. This will get you pointed in the right direction.

– Lesson 1: Project Management Fundamentals Your Roadmap to Success will show what best practices you need and why.

-Lesson 2: Project Management Beyond the Basics elaborates on the basics, bringing you some new ideas and how to implement them.

-Lesson 3: Remove Project Stress with Project Risk Management adds to the risk management best practices you learned in lessons 1 and 2 and shows you how to implement simple, yet highly effective risk management processes.

All of the above is aimed at getting you the information you need as quickly as possible so that you can set yourself and your project team up for success. This is NOT in-depth, comprehensive “how to be a project manager” training. It is a practical overview meant to teach you the best practices that will have the biggest impact on your ability to meet your objectives.

The entire course is approximately 2.5 hours long and packed with useful topics:

– Getting clear about scope
– Using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
– Creating honest estimates
– Communicating skillfully
– Strategic risk management
– How to define project success
– How to set up a simple change control process
– Minimize project surprises
– Prioritize project risks
– The right way to respond to project risks

If you need a quick project management overview or a refresher, then this course is for you. If you have project managers reporting to you, and you want to know what they need to do, this course is for you. If you are seeking weed through the many project management best practices, then this course is for you.

Quick Project Management

1 year of access

Course Instructor

Margaret Meloni Margaret Meloni Author

Margaret is pmStudent community leader. Her background in IT Project Management and PMO Leadership; enables Margaret to understand that managing projects can be difficult. This is why her goal is to provide her community with knowledge and skills that can be used on the job RIGHT NOW! Her wish is to see her students take on tough projects and emerge as strong and sought-after project managers. Margaret is a dynamic teacher, who uses her real-life lessons learned combined with inspiration, common sense, and a dash of humor to create students who successfully navigate the human side of the project world. Margaret Meloni holds an M.B.A. from California State University, Long Beach. And a PhD in Religious Studies from University of the West. She is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

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