The Project Management Career Course

This course teaches you how to pursue your career in project management. The course includes lessons and worksheets to help you leverage your strengths, clearly define your career goals, and plot your career path. This course also teaches you how to build and maintain a strong professional network and target organizations you want to work for. Finally there are many lessons on the nitty-gritty details of job seeking and how to land your target role.

Course Outline

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Introduction 35m 51s
9m 54s
Josh’s Story 12m 27s
Josh’s Story (Continued) 13m 29s
Starting Point & Goals 54m 21s
What Is Your Starting Point? ###[Download Worksheet]### 14m 55s
What Is Your Starting Point? (Continued) 12m 2s
What Are Your Career Goals? ###[Download Worksheet]### 13m 35s
13m 48s
Education & Certifications 1h 43m 51s
Education 12m 11s
Certification Overview 10m 42s
12m 46s
30m 30s
37m 41s
Gaining Experience & Career Planning 34m 54s
6m 44s
Gaining Experience Case Study 5m 8s
Gaining Experience (Continued) 13m 43s
Plan Your Career ###[Download Worksheet]### 9m 17s
27m 28s
Project Career – Interview with Cornelius Fichtner (Continued) 35m 41s
Professional Relationships 53m 17s
Professional Organizations and Networking ###[Download Worksheet]### 23m 34s
Online Networking 9m 15s
Offline Networking 8m 49s
11m 38s
Job Seeking 2h 42m 44s
Researching Organizations 16m 28s
10m 23s
Resume Writing Process 13m 12s
Resume Considerations 10m 53s
The Truthful Resume 14m 12s
Cover Letters 14m 45s
17m 41s
References 10m 57s
Interview Preparation 14m 5s
Interview Techniques 16m 40s
Interview Questions 16m 48s
Handling Offers 6m 33s
50m 54s
This course is not applicable for PDU Credit from the PMI. 9h 19m 3s

Student Feedback

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Over 9 hours